As investors, Basmadjian and Jackson have the resources to replace your current your mortgage note. As your new note holder we have the ability to offer you, the homeowner, financial alternatives.  Our programs give you options to take you out of your no-win mortgage quandary, keeping you in your home and bringing you back to a win-win mortgage solution.



Basmadjian and Jackson have the legal and financial expertise, coupled with the necessary advisory communications, to assist you in transitioning out of your current mortgage before it escalates to permanent and irreparable harm or consequences.


Equitable Partnership

Basmadjian and Jackson partner with you. We invest in more than just your home, we invest in you and work with you to increase your financial stamina.  Throughout our partnership, we closely work with you to ensure a smooth transition into conventional financing.  Because each individual scenario is unique, each prospective client is prequalified to meet our financial guidelines and legal compliance. 

Our criteria has provided many distressed homeowners to achieve a positive outcome in retaining home ownership.