Finally, a distressed alternative is here.

Finally, an alternative for distressed homeowners is here!  Are you presently at odds with your lender and you don’t know where to turn?  Have you exhausted all possibilities with your lender for saving your home? Basmadjian and Jackson, LLC is your solution.  We are not a loan modification company, we are not a debt resolution company and we are not a refinance company.  We are Investors that Invest in YOU and YOUR HOME, thus enabling you to get back on-track and to achieve your residential relief goals.


Our Commitment to You

Basmadjian and Jackson Investment, Advisory, Equitable Partnership, LLC clearly understands that family starts at home. Your family and your home will probably be one of your most fulfilling dreams.  Our team at Basmadjian and Jackson are committed to helping you keep your dream a reality.

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