Save Your Home
With a New Foreclosure Alternative.

Options to Save Your Home

Are you presently at odds with your lender and you don’t know where to turn? Have you exhausted all possibilities with your lender for saving your home? Basmadjian and Jackson is your solution. We are not a loan modification company, we are not a debt resolution company and we are not a refinance company. We are Investors that CARE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR HOME! 

We have the ability to get you back-on-track to save your home... that you've worked so hard to keep! Finally, an alternative for distressed homeowners is here WITH NO UPFRONT FEES! Whether you are in Foreclosure, Pre-Foreclosure, Default, or in Bankruptcy… WE CAN HELP!  

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Simply Put... We Invest In You

At Basmadjian & Jackson, it's simple, we invest in you and your new mortgage note.


Legal & Financial Advisory

Basmadjian & Jackson have the legal and financial expertise, coupled with the necessary advisory communications, to assist you in transitioning out of your current mortgage before it escalates to permanent and irreparable harm or consequence.

Our Partnership Together

Basmadjian and Jackson partners with you to keep you in your home. By working with us we are able to put a stop to the disturbing phone calls, letters, and the annoying people coming to your door.