About Us

Ensuring an Honest and Equitable Partnership.

Julie Basmadjian and Kim Jackson have previously invested from time-to-time in many successful real estate transactions. Julie and Kim realized that they had the legal and financial gifts to make their investments successful. We came together knowing that as a ‘Team’ we could help others with their residential relief needs. Kim and Julie are friends, and savvy business partners who both understand and recognize the value and importance of home and what it takes to maintain and keep a home. Basmadjian and Jackson was incorporated in 2015 and serves as the subsidiary of J&Y Essential, LLC. Kim and Julie are presently working with clients to maintain the dream of owning and keeping a home.

Basmadjian & Jackson

Kim Jackson, CEO

Ms. Jackson obtained her B.S. degree majoring in Political Science from UC Santa Cruz in 1993.  She then went on to Lincoln University where she earned her JD law degree in 2000.  Ms. Jackson focused her practice in real estate contracts, specializing in legal research and foreclosure defense for over 8 years.  In her practice she successfully represented homeowners and achieved a 98% success rate for her clients.  Ms. Jackson’s expertise also includes investment of distressed properties.  Ms. Jackson’s foreclosure defense experience has lead to a Reuter’s publication and requested client interviews with NBC.


Julie Basmadjian, CFO

Ms. Basmadjian is a seasoned Financial Analyst and has always had the desire to help others.  Julie has closely guided her clients to retain their financial stability, which enabled them to maintain and grow their portfolio through investments. Julie enjoys spending her downtime cooking with her family in Hawaii.